08 Mar

Cute Ways Pop the Question to your Bridesmaids

Your fiancé just proposed, and you are now engaged! So what’s next? Now, it’s your turn to pop the question – to your bridesmaids! Let’s be honest: you can’t celebrate your big day without your friends by your side, let alone survive it. They will be the ones helping you plan, celebrate, and most important of all, keep you sane. Your ‘future’ bridal party is the unspoken VIP, so it’s best to treat them as such when you “propose”. Here are a few memorable, yet cute ways to pop the question before your big day!

Bake a sweet treat: Bake a colorful cake and pop it in a mason jar to express how sweet and delighted you are to have your friend as a bridesmaid.

Photography via: Marry This DIY Projects 

Send a card: Write a sweet note expressing how much you value your friendship before asking if she wants to be a bridesmaid on your wedding day.

Photography via: Paperchase 

Gift a box of goodies: Buy a tin box or create a wooden one and throw all of your friend’s favorite things inside. To add an extra shot of ‘special’ you can add things in your friend’s favorite color!

Photography via: Something Turquoise 

Create a puzzle: Create a keepsake puzzle that will surprise your intended bridesmaids. Once the puzzle is solved it can be framed and kept forever. 

Photography via: Not on the high Street 

Give a personalized bottle of wine: You’ve spent countless nights bonding over wine and sharing stories, so why not give each girl personalized bottle? Select their favorite bottle of wine and replace the original label with a customized one.

Photography via: Label with Love